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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Things I Am Thankful For.....

  1. My husband. I love to talk to him. I love to watch him clean my kitchen. I love that he really does put up with my messy house eventhough he knows he could clean it too but is willing to set that aside. I love that people think he looks like Tom Hanks (which he does and I love Tom Hanks!).

  2. My kids. I know, everyone is supposed to be thankful for these wonderful..... energy draining, make my house messier than it is, I now do 4 loads of laundry a day thanks to you ... children. They do fill my day with laughter. Thanks kids!

  3. My friends. I have a kookie bunch and I can't live without them. My real life friends are there when I need to talk, cry, bum food, trade kids, you name it they are there. My cyber friends let me know I'm not the only one going insane and my kids might even be normal after all. Thanks Everyone!

  4. My Reality TV shows. I love watching those things. Survivor, Amazing Race, Dirty Rich Cattle Drive, Wife Swap, Nanny 911.... All of these shows lets me know again that I'm ok. I also get to make comments about decisions that people make and I don't have to really fret about my own. It almost brings a tear to my eye. I'm also have an inner voyeur... I like to call it people watching but whatever.

    The Ultimate thing I'm thankful for......
  5. DRUGS! No, not the illegal ones but the ones you can buy at your local store. Caffine, couldn't start the morning without you. Tylenol/motrin... how did parents survive without you during those times the Dr. says "We don't have anything you can give her, just alternate tylenol and motrin until she is better." Sure, thanks. There are so many and so little time.


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