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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wow. Has it been that long since my last post?

I guess so. Dates don't lie. What a crazy life this year has been. It is ending on a wonderful note. Jeff is done with the 'liquid' chemo part of his treatment. He will move on to taking meds in pill form for the next part. It has been an amazing ride. I know we are not done yet. We will keep on fighting.

I am thinking of doing something different with my blog for this next year. We will see how it goes. I am going to combine my love of reading and activism together and attempt to do the challenges listed in this blog:

2010 Social Justice Reading Challenge

I think there is so much we are called to do in this world. We can't take a back seat and think someone else will do the job. We can and need to do our part. I can't wait to see where {and how far I can get, :-)} this takes me.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

So How Are You Today?

Here we are... Jeff has started his long bout of chemo. It should last about 6 weeks. I don't think it will be much fun at all. I know it frustrates him to feel so yucky. He said the last 4-5 days has felt like he is living with the flu constantly. The last time he had this kind of chemo he was in the hospital. Now he has to juggle driving to the Doctor, work and home. I know he is exhausted at the end of the day.

How am I? Tired. There are days I'm great. I know life is so good and filled with laughter (thanks to Jeff). Then there are days where I can't take another person "needing" me. I'm tired. The kids do start school tomorrow and getting back into a routine will be good, maybe come quiet time during the day.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Saturday, at the Pool, on the 4th of July

The 4th of July was a lot of fun. Jeff's sister, Marion, came out and treated us to a weekend at a local resort. The big draw was the pool but the local wildlife (lizards, rabbits, birds, oh my) and food was a big hit too.

Even the dog, Cocoa, got a vacation... and love it. I think Aunt Marion might just love the dog more than us, ~grins~

Life is pretty good at our house. We are expecting some more visitors to arrive for the week. Jeff starts another long round of chemo (we have to say good-bye to the hair he finally grew). The kids start back to school in a week. I know I'll blog about that. Andrew will be in High School and Catherine in Middle School. I don't know if my nerves can handle so much change. It's been a big year so far.
It will be the year that Jeff and I talk about in our old age (in an old age voice) "remember back in '09 when Obama was elected, you came down with Leukemia, and the kids seemed to grow up so much in just 1 year. Now that was a year. What a year."

Monday, June 29, 2009

Funny Things on a Stressful Day...

It is Monday. That is probably enough. It is also The Dr Visit day (find out what the next step is and adjust). It is the day my kids wake up poking, arguing, yelling, denying, crying... rinse and repeat. I know I probably added to the fiasco of the day but it is what it is.
So on a trip to get the kids out of the house and off my last nerve this is what we see. A ton of airplanes. We live close to an air base so we see them all the time. Just hearing Silvia's joy as she shouts "I see a Paper Airplane!" just brought a smile to my face. Then Georgia had to say "That's not a paper airplane. Just a plane" to which Silvia has to yell "No! a PAPER AIRPLANE!!!" to which Georgia has to reply "No. Just a plane." to which I have to say "It's a Paper Airplane if she wants it to be even if it isn't!". Aw, to be a mom and say what needs to be said to stop an argument. Life is ok.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Good Times with Good Friends...

I am so lucky this summer. So many friends and family are coming out here to visit. First my sister Tammy arrived. She brought along Megan and a friend. We had a blast running round Mt. Lemmon and going to the mall.

Then a Mommy friend I met on one of my mommy boards came out for a few days. We had a lot of fun at the pool and the Tucson Children's Museum.

Up next is my Sister in Law. We will have a fun weekend at one of the resorts here in Tucson. Lots of pools, relaxation and great company. (will post pictures of that later).

Also, Jeff and I are legal finally. Today is our 21st anniversary. Wow, 21 years. Through Thick and Thin, I would do it all over again... with him. I do love that man. Get to feeling better soon so we can go out to eat, sweetie!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Award Goes To....

Recently I have felt as if I have the world on my shoulders. It felt heavy there for just a short time. It seems the world isn't that heavy when you have so many wonderful people helping you carry it along the way. I would like to give the Atlas Award to the following people or groups of people.....

1. Marion, my Sister in Law.. She was the first to be here. She (and her sister) knew what was coming even though Jeff and I were in denial. I am so thankful for her knowldge (although it was learned the hard way with the fight against Cancer with her Mom). She flew into Tucson knowing I had 5 kids at home and offered to do what needed to be done. AND she is coming back for another visit. I'm glad The Kids didn't scare her off ~grins~.

2. Desert Skies United Methodist Church.. Wow. This church is amazing. I get chocked up just thinking about all that they have done. Food, extra fridge, visits, food, prayers, love, food, babysitting... I especially give this award to Jennifer. This lady is amazing and answered her phone when I called even though she knew I was probably going to ask for some child running favors.

3. The Moms.. I might be the only daughter/daughter-in-law that can say she had her mom and her mother-in-law in the same house for 2 weeks and would have them here again, together. They both jumped in with serving food, doing homework, walks to the park, baths, love, fun and giggles. I don't think my kids even missed me while I was at the hospital with Jeff cause they had it all (and then some... Cocoa, the dog, still misses Memaw and Marion cause she got a few extra scraps that normally don't come her way). I can just imagine how it feels to see your child dealing with such stress (Jeff and me). Thanks Art, Kathy, Q and Izzy for lending Granny out for a spell.

4. Tammy, Sabrina, Allison, Amy, Russell, Silvia, Mary and so many more.. From siblings to friends to cyber friends I've never met in person, your phone calls, cards, facebooking, e-mailing helped me so much. For those that just talked about their lives to take my mind off of mine, I can not thank you enough. I know you wanted to ask what was going on but helping with my mental breaks meant to much to me. The gift package of love that I got from some mom friends had me in tears thinking about how many people we have in our lives that we touch but also touch us.

5. Facebook Family.. I swear, where did I spend my time before this wonderful piece of software cyberspace home? The ability to talk to old friends, keep in touch with family far and near, chatting with new friends... it is amazing. I loved being about to keep all of you informed. Seemed to be for selfish reasons. I loved know so many people were out there cheering Jeff off. We had to have had people sending up prayers from so many states and countries.

I know we still have more to go but Jeff did get the word "remission" from his last bone marrow. Now to keep him there. There is more chemo, more dr appointments, more hospital stays, more stress, more joy... we are not done yet but let me just say that I'm not afraid of the weight. With so many giving a hand to hold that up, I almost think it is filled with air. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Something To Remember If You Come Visit My House...

if you bring a bottle of shampoo, you know something like this...

Don't leave it in the bathroom (like most people do) because my kids might do this with it....

When I asked why use the WHOLE bottle of shampoo in their bath they told me "We LOVE bubble baths!" Sigh. It's what I get for doing laundy right next door and thinking they were just giggling with sisterly love.