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Friday, September 12, 2008

Kimberly? That's your REAL Name?

Georgia's way of getting mine or Jeff attention is to call out our names "Kim!" or "Jeff!". In the sea of Mom and Dad, it does stand out and get our attention. So yesterday Andrew told Georgia that my real name was Kimberly. Georgia was quick to respond with "No it's Kim or Mom." Andrew made the push to say that it really was Kimberly. She turns to me with that shocked expression. Looks at me and says "WHAT? Kimberly??" I say yes it is and thought that was the end of it.

5 minutes ago...

Georgia: "Your name is KIMBERLY? REALLY?"

Me: "Yes, really. Memaw named me Kimberly Kay but a lot of people call me Kim."

Georgia: "Yes, i call you Kim. But I think I like your name Mom better."

Me: "I like my name as Mom too sweetie."


  • At 6:33 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

    Awww! *chuckle*

    Kids are such a joy aren't they?!

  • At 7:29 AM , Blogger Jean Sala said...

    Hi Kim,
    This is Jean Sala! So good to hear from you! I have my own birth center in Denton now and am having a blast. Life has been good to me. Your children are beautiful! LIfe sure does go by fast doesn't it! You can email me at I hope to hear from you again. Jean


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