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Sunday, March 30, 2008

She Is In The KNOW....

Ah, growing up is harder on the parents than the kids at times. Andrew has KNOWN about Santa and the Easter Bunny for a few years now. I knew Catherine should be getting to that point soon. It finally happened.

She is 10 1/2 years old now. Easter was a little crazy this year. We had company for a week. Andrew was part of the sunrise service at church which means that he, Jeff and company were gone at 5 am! I kept meaning to set the baskets out but Silvia woke up. Got her back to sleep and then Charlotte woke up (only 5:30 am at this time) and I finally got her back to sleep. I was about to get up and...... Georgia walked in all sad. Seems the Easter bunny hadn't shown up yet... Yes, that would be me falling down on the job again (search for the tooth fairy stories). I told her to go back to bed. That Daddy and Andrew had to leave early so the Easter bunny was probably waiting to come back. I did the baskets and tossing of the eggs. Went to check on Georgia and she was covered up to her chin with HUGE eyes trying to hear that Bunny. Ah, the things we do to our kids. I laid down with her and then said, "Maybe he has come finally. Go check." She gets up and starts out the room. Turns around and grabs her baby doll and a stuffed animal... you know, just incase that Easter Bunny turns on her. Next comes the screams of joy with the pounding of feet up the stairs and the waking of Charlotte and Silvia. Catherine? Where is she you ask? In bed, sleeping. I was jealous.

She finally woke up a couple of hours later. Was excited since she got a Alvin and the Chipmunks CD (which is another post for later and how my brain doesn't handle the chipmunks singing with kids talking). After church we all came home. I was sitting here at the computer and Catherine was at the other computer right beside me. She turns and says....

Catherine: Mom, You HAVE to tell me the truth!
Me (knowing what is coming): Sweetie, I always try to tell you the truth.
Catherine: IS the Easter bunny real? The TRUTH...
Me (doing the same reply everytime this start asking this): What do you think?
Catherine: Ahhhhh.... That's how you don't lie to us. Tell me. Is he real?
Me: No, Catherine. There is not a REAL Easter bunny like you think. Daddy and I are the Easter bunny cause we love to make our kids smile. We loved getting baskets on Easter too.
Catherine: Sooooo. if the bunny isn't real then that means what about Santa?
Me: Your Dad and I do all the Christmas gifts too. We get to play Santa and try to make your wishes come true.
Catherine (a response that I was NOT expecting): Thank goodness you told me NOW. What would have happened when I had kids and waited for Santa to bring them all their gifts. They would be so mad!

I swear. It is never a dull moment with kids. I'm still giggling over that one. Also, I was told that she and her friend had been talking about this a long time but her friend didn't want to ask her parents cause it might upset them. I got lucky. ~grins~


  • At 7:14 AM , Blogger Tink said...

    LOL! What a great response.

  • At 12:27 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

    I am constantly amazed by your kids. You and your DH must be doing a great job.


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