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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Just a Grillin' and a Chillin'....

One of the biggest things I've missed about being in Arkansas is grilling and having fun with friends. At least once a month during the summer, sometimes twice, we would have everyone over to grill, hang out and have fun with friends. I really, really miss that. The good news is that we rescued a grill from destruction (our neighbor bought a new one and he set is old out on the curb for trash pick up, LOL) and have started grilling again. Have Grill and the friends will come.

The kids are in the midst of summer break. It will be a short one this year compared to previous ones. We have moved to a school that does year round school year so their summer is only 6 weeks long (did you hear the hallelujah chorus just then??). They love to laze around and watch movies....

One of the nice things we discovered here is that their swimming pools cost the kids .25. Twenty-Five Cents! Who knew you could still do something fun on a quarter. AND because I wasn't swimming (Silvia was cutting a tooth and the water was still too cool for her) they didn't charge me a thing. Go figure on that one.

That is her "Nope, you are NOT going to check my gums 1 more time!" look.

The water was still pretty cold. Charlotte was the only one that didn't seems fazed by it at all. Georgia was out shivering about half way through the swimming experience.


  • At 10:41 AM , Blogger Mary said...

    You have a beautiful family Kim...I love that picture of Sylvia. It sounds like you're adjusting well to the hot hot weather :)

  • At 11:47 AM , Blogger Mighty Mouse said...

    Your kids are beautiful. I love Sylvia in a swimming suit, she looks wonderful.

  • At 2:03 PM , Blogger Amy said...

    holy crap, a quarter???? I just shelled out big bucks for waterpark passes for the family. Arkadelphia certainly knows how to rip you off, huh?
    Miss you Much!


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