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Friday, April 20, 2007

A Swallow Carrying a Coconut....

Does everyone know who Monty Python is and do you know about his search for the Holy Grail? I didn't. It was one of the many new things my husband introduced me to when we met (along with Chinese foods... ok any food that wasn't steak and potato). I think I can quote more phrases from that movie than any other. Why am I blogging about it now? Because I got him the movie for Christmas (because he loves it so). He and Andrew have sat and watched it. Now my son is having all 3 TV watching aged girls sit and watch said movie. AND he is quoting parts. Next thing you know he will be saying "Dungeon Masters don't have levels, DORK!" (ok, my husband said that when I told him about us watching Monty Python and I thought it was funny so I stole it). We watch way too much TV.


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