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Friday, June 29, 2007

We Had Her Birthday When Memaw Was In Town...

She loves her Memaw.

And she loved her birthday party. She wanted a penguin cake and presents. Not much to go on but we worked with it. (and I swear I brush her hair and then it just does what does)

We also celebrated her cousins birthday.
And because we love to torment our child we bought her a game that terrifies her. She and Georgia LOVE the movie Zathura. It is the next movie similar to Jumanji (the movie with Robin Williams and all the animals). In Zathura the brothers play a game that sends them to outer space. The Zorgons visit them. Massive destruction ensues. I saw the game at Target when we went shopping. I asked Georgia and Charlotte if I should buy the game. Their response was dead silence and then "NO!" "That's a BAD game" "Bad things happen" "NO MOMMA!" were just a few of the phrases they yelled as they scrambled away from the game isle. Needless to say after I told Jeff about it he went and bought it for Charlotte. The look on her face after all the joy of the other presents was priceless...

Oh, and the rubber snake she is holding was from her dad too. She loves that snake. What am I going to do. She also loves the game. She and Georgia will run through the house after moving their pieces screaming "The ZORGONS are coming!". Priceless I say.


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