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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Conversations With a 7 Year Old...

can, at times, be confusing. With Georgia it is most of the time. She still gets a lot of her words wrong. Her pronouns are iffy. Just saying certain words, well you just have to know but it is getting so much better. Here are 2 short conversations that let me know she is growing up way to fast....

Conversation #1

Georgia: I wish I could be Memaw's (this is my Mom) kid.

Me: Why do you want to me Memaw's kid?

Georgia: Cause Memaw doesn't have any kids. She needs some kids.

Andrew: (laughing) Um, Georgia, Memaw has 4 kids. Mom is one of her kids.

Georgia: No, she needs a kid like me! Not a big one like Mom. Memaw will be lonely with no kids like me.

Me: Everyone needs a kid like you Georgia Beans!

Conversation #2

With Valentine's around the corner that mean love is in the air. Or is it love??

Georgia: I don't think Robert likes me.

Me: Why do you think he doesn't like you?

Georgia: He won't play with me or let me hug him. (Georgia is a HUGE HUGGER).

Me: Maybe he only likes to play with other boys and not girls yet. Some boys are like that.

Georgia: Weeelllll, I don't think Robert will get me a valentine.

Me: I'm sure he will. I think you have to give one to everyone.

Georgia: Are you sure about that?

Me: I'm pretty sure. Why do you like Robert??

Georgia: No. He just won't hug me. Probably won't give me a valentine.


Georgia: I just have a very bad feeling about that..... (sigh)


  • At 12:26 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

    She is so cute. Everytime I have a conversation with Dylan I think that I should start writing them all down.

  • At 3:53 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

    She is adorable. (I hope Robert gives her a valentine!)

  • At 8:29 AM , Blogger Jen M. said...

    Oof! That is too cute!


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