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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Where Are These Kids Hearing This Stuff.....

So my 5th grader comes home yesterday saying there are rumors flying around school about Obama. She said most of it was silly but her friends were scared. I asked what they were and what did she say to them.
*Rumor 1: Obama will make all the kids go to school on Saturday and Sunday.
*Rumor 2: He will make their school days longer and they won't have any fun.
and my favorite (I kind of blew the other 2 off with a laugh and just said that change is a hard thing and Obama will not make them go to school like that. But we parents might! LOL)... wait for it......
*Rumor 3: Obama likes Black kids more than White kids.
For the love of all that is Holy... Who is telling them this? Remind me what year we are living in?
So I asked Catherine what she said. She told them that was silly. She also told one of her favorite teachers about the rumors saying the kids were scared. Her favorite teacher said "Let me talk to the teachers, sound like we need an education moment."
And we wonder if Race would be a factor. Why people keep saying "It shouldn't matter that he is Black."... fine but obviously it still does matter. It just made me sad.


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