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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Was Active At Our House....

Charlotte says: "I'm glad the Tooth Fairy Likes Kids Momma!"
Me too, sweetie.
So the bottom 2 teeth came out on their own, like they should. With much excitement and angst. She didn't want to loose her teeth... she didn't want to grow up... "Momma wiggle my teeth, NO, don't touch"... and finally with total shock and glee, they fell out. The tooth fairy showed up (at our friends Amy's house, thank goodness the Tooth fairy knows all things!) and all was well. Fast forward a month. She loves those skates. It just when one falls face first in our garage (you know, with concrete) on the step the battle between teeth and rock is a no brainer. A trip to the dentist and $100 later, the Tooth Fairy shows up again. She received a little more than normal for those last 2 teeth. I call it Guilt money. Like I should have known to stuff her mouth with a mouth guard before a round of skating but whatever. She is now the proud owner of a straw hole and proud to show it off to anyone that will look.


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