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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Award Goes To....

Recently I have felt as if I have the world on my shoulders. It felt heavy there for just a short time. It seems the world isn't that heavy when you have so many wonderful people helping you carry it along the way. I would like to give the Atlas Award to the following people or groups of people.....

1. Marion, my Sister in Law.. She was the first to be here. She (and her sister) knew what was coming even though Jeff and I were in denial. I am so thankful for her knowldge (although it was learned the hard way with the fight against Cancer with her Mom). She flew into Tucson knowing I had 5 kids at home and offered to do what needed to be done. AND she is coming back for another visit. I'm glad The Kids didn't scare her off ~grins~.

2. Desert Skies United Methodist Church.. Wow. This church is amazing. I get chocked up just thinking about all that they have done. Food, extra fridge, visits, food, prayers, love, food, babysitting... I especially give this award to Jennifer. This lady is amazing and answered her phone when I called even though she knew I was probably going to ask for some child running favors.

3. The Moms.. I might be the only daughter/daughter-in-law that can say she had her mom and her mother-in-law in the same house for 2 weeks and would have them here again, together. They both jumped in with serving food, doing homework, walks to the park, baths, love, fun and giggles. I don't think my kids even missed me while I was at the hospital with Jeff cause they had it all (and then some... Cocoa, the dog, still misses Memaw and Marion cause she got a few extra scraps that normally don't come her way). I can just imagine how it feels to see your child dealing with such stress (Jeff and me). Thanks Art, Kathy, Q and Izzy for lending Granny out for a spell.

4. Tammy, Sabrina, Allison, Amy, Russell, Silvia, Mary and so many more.. From siblings to friends to cyber friends I've never met in person, your phone calls, cards, facebooking, e-mailing helped me so much. For those that just talked about their lives to take my mind off of mine, I can not thank you enough. I know you wanted to ask what was going on but helping with my mental breaks meant to much to me. The gift package of love that I got from some mom friends had me in tears thinking about how many people we have in our lives that we touch but also touch us.

5. Facebook Family.. I swear, where did I spend my time before this wonderful piece of software cyberspace home? The ability to talk to old friends, keep in touch with family far and near, chatting with new friends... it is amazing. I loved being about to keep all of you informed. Seemed to be for selfish reasons. I loved know so many people were out there cheering Jeff off. We had to have had people sending up prayers from so many states and countries.

I know we still have more to go but Jeff did get the word "remission" from his last bone marrow. Now to keep him there. There is more chemo, more dr appointments, more hospital stays, more stress, more joy... we are not done yet but let me just say that I'm not afraid of the weight. With so many giving a hand to hold that up, I almost think it is filled with air. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


  • At 10:31 PM , Blogger Raising a Happy Child said...

    Kim, your post left me in tears, and I am usually not easily moved to tears. I hope that the dark cloud has passed, and it will never come back. As you said - we all touch each other via Cyberspace in so many ways. Love and best wishes to you and your family from Silicon Valley.

  • At 4:42 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

    Thank God for hearing a word like "remission", especially after having to hear a word like "cancer". You have a fabulous support group in some part because you are so absolutely fabulous.

  • At 6:24 AM , Blogger Susan's 365 said...

    "Remission"...what a wonderful word!

  • At 9:25 PM , Blogger Silvia said...

    Kim - your mommy friends love you too! How about we go from 'cyber' pals that "will probably never meet" to actually meeting IRL? I've got a week of vacation coming up... :)


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