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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Observations From The Last Few Days.....

Mailperson (to be politically correct) -- You would think that all people who deliver mail would be in wonderful physical condition. I mean, with all that walking who wouldn't have wonderful looking legs and calories to burn. Saying that, one of the delivery persons (who was a wonderful and hilarious guy) was so overweight and had leg and knee problems out the ying-yang. Another does have nice looking legs but then a keg around the middle. Makes you think...

pedestrians -- Was there ever a time when pedestrians had the right of way? I will promise you that even when I look like I'm about to give birth and am taking 8 kids to the park across the street that not a single car will stop for me. HELLO! I've even had people honk at me for stopping and letting someone cross.

Interstate drivers -- You might be one of these. I call them clumpers. They will attach to you and pace themselves with you. You can not escape them unless you drive upon another car and they attach themselves and mooch off of them. I can live with them during the day. It is during the night time and their lights shine in my mirrors that I think how much fun it would be to run them off the road.

Bachelorette Parties held at Chuck E. Cheeses -- Oh. My. Goodness. Who thought that would be a fun idea? Maybe they did have fun but for those of us that had kids and tried to redeem tickets for crap prizes that our kids were whining for and thought they would die if they didn't get, you were not fun. You kept the ONLY person working there checking prices of all the toys that you could buy BUT had to see what the price would be WITH your discount... NOT FUN AT ALL!


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