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Friday, March 17, 2006

A Few Family Happenings That Makes It Worth While....

I have to say last night was pretty funny. Since I'm not much for making dessert to go with a meal (because that would mean more cooking and I really do not like to cook unless I have too) my older kids are the one to push to have dessert. My oldest daughter, Catherine, wanted to make pudding. So after a wonderful supper that I made (haha), we dished up the pudding. I tried to give some to Georgia, my 5 year old. She looked at it and said "no thank you" and went back to the computer. I tried to get her to taste it. Again, "No thank you, it looks yucky!". So then I tried to pass it to Charlotte. She closed her mouth and ran. Jeff, thinking this is just not right for a kid to not like pudding, started chasing Charlotte with a spoonful saying "Just try it! It's Chocolate!". He finally tricked her into opening her mouth where he then shoveled it in. She looked up, smiled, grabbed the bowl and took off. Georgia still held out and refused.

Fast forward to this morning..... After all the school craziness was over I was ready to take my shower. Charlotte was gazing at the TV with love since Diego was on. I knew I could get a shower in without having to play peek-a-boo with the shower curtain. I was almost done when ?I hear Charlotte saying something. I called out that I was in the shower. She never came but kept calling out my name and saying something. Finally after minutes had passed I realized I needed to go and check. I went into the living room and found that she had kind of fallen onto the floor. Her hands were on the floor while her legs were on the couch. She couldn't move! Sad to say I giggled and felt a little guilty because I didn't want to get out of the shower and I delayed getting out of the shower and my poor little girl was in the living room being a bridge. Sigh. Parenting. Nothing like it.


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