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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Saw The Cutest Baby On TV....

Ok, this is really Charlotte when she was a couple of weeks old, but when I saw the infant on tv I finally got that "Awwww...." Feeling. I haven't had that "Awwwww...." Feeling this pregnancy. That "I can't wait to hold her" or "I can't wait to kiss those chubby cheeks" feeling that I get when wanting a baby or pregnant with said baby. It's not that I haven't been happy about having #5 (still in shock, just a little! ~grins~), I just haven't had that massive excitement. I know part of it is running after 4 other kids (after school activities, school activities, church), teaching, running the house.... I don't have time to think about having an infant again. I caught a little of (ok, don't laugh but I didn't know it was this show) Dr. 90210. It features plastic surgeons and their patients. Anyway, one of the surgeons this time was a female that just had her baby. She was talking about juggling work and baby and wanting another baby (Her baby was only 6 weeks at best) because her clock was ticking. Her baby boy stretched when she picked him up and I remembered. I got hit with that "Awwww.... " Feeling. I'm ready.

I remember being overwhelmed with Andrew, my first. He loved to stretch everytime I picked him up. I remember Catherine loved to snuggle under my chin and sleep. I remember Georgia screaming (she was my screamer) but she LOVED to be held tight and butt in air. I remember kissing Charlotte's little cheeks and thinking I had never felt skin so soft before. I love that perfect kissing place right under their ear. Feeling that fine baby hair (before it all falls out, my poor bald girl babies, Andrew was the only one that kept his hair). Watching them look at everything. I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready.

Except that I need to rearrange the bedrooms for the girls, paint, get a place for the baby to sleep, survive the summer, find childcare for the fall and find someone to teach my classes for a few weeks.... Ok, I'm not REALLY ready but I will be. Come on October!


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