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Monday, June 29, 2009

Funny Things on a Stressful Day...

It is Monday. That is probably enough. It is also The Dr Visit day (find out what the next step is and adjust). It is the day my kids wake up poking, arguing, yelling, denying, crying... rinse and repeat. I know I probably added to the fiasco of the day but it is what it is.
So on a trip to get the kids out of the house and off my last nerve this is what we see. A ton of airplanes. We live close to an air base so we see them all the time. Just hearing Silvia's joy as she shouts "I see a Paper Airplane!" just brought a smile to my face. Then Georgia had to say "That's not a paper airplane. Just a plane" to which Silvia has to yell "No! a PAPER AIRPLANE!!!" to which Georgia has to reply "No. Just a plane." to which I have to say "It's a Paper Airplane if she wants it to be even if it isn't!". Aw, to be a mom and say what needs to be said to stop an argument. Life is ok.


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