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Monday, January 02, 2006

Pet Peeve #1

The ripping of bags.
  • Cereal Box box bags: I tried to get into a box of cereal. The bag in the cereal box would not tear open.... well it did but not how I wanted it too. Cereal went everywhere.
  • Trash bags: I don't want them to tear but they do. I know we make too much trash but I don't over stuff. It never fails... I go to pick up said trash bag and there is a huge gash down the side.
  • Grocery bags: I use the plastic ones (I know, maybe I should use the brown bag ones but I'm a mom of 4 and unloading groceries is something I hate to do so the more I can grab the better). I get a lot of groceries. There are some stores that I'm just going to bring my own plastic bags. I could put a loaf of bread in it and swish, everything falls out.
  • Cat food and dog food bags. We have animals. 3 cats and a dog. For some reason they want to eat. I buy those bags of food that you have to pull the little string to get it to open. 75% of the time I do it wrong. How is that. It should be easy to open and yet it isn't.

I know. Why not just get the scissors and be done with it. Well, I have 4 kids who love to craft and my scissors are never in the place they should be. But that is another pet peeve post.


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