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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rain, Rain Don't Go Away.....

You have to stay and play all day. We are in need of so much rain. The poor state of Arkansas is more than 17 inches behind in rainfall. Not that you really care about that. Amazing what adults pay attention to and what children pay attention to. To them, rain = play in this house. They know that certain types of rain can lead to an enjoyable hour of "How Wet Can We Get" and "How Many Towels Does Mom Really Have Folded". They love the rain.

I love the rain. I used to be able to do my favorite thing and rain made it so much better. Read. Books were so much better when you listened to the thunder and rain. It also represents my favorite movie. "Singing in the Rain". How many of us can belt out at least the first few phrases of that song. And watching Gene Kelly dance, sweet.

I'm listening to the thunder right now. For my mom is was fearful. She was so afraid of loud noises. She would have the house closed up, windows covered, ear muffs on, eyes covered and me banging (I mean playing) the piano so she wouldn't hear all the noise. She was so afraid of passing on that fear to us. It didn't happen. I loved the noise, the sounds of rain on my tin roof over my bedroom, the beauty of lightening. I love the rain. My kids love the rain. If it isn't still raining when they get home from school then we move on to their next love, mud puddles. They love jumping in them, sitting in them, splashing everything and everyone. They also beg for me to drive through them when we are out and about. The cool mom that I am, I drive to all the best spots to we can make as big a splash as possible. Although they are begging me to do this, I have to admit I LOVE doing it also. Kids are the best. I love watching life through them.


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