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Friday, January 27, 2006

Listen.... Do You Hear That?

We were planning to go out of town this weekend to Jeff's family up in North Arkansas. I was actually looking forward to a family trip. We haven't been anywhere together in a long time. Traveling with 4 kids is always an adventure. Just going across town with 4 kids is an adventure. We went to a friends house for supper one night and it took all of 5 minutes to get there. During those 5 long minutes all for kids thought blowing raspberries would be ideal entertainment. Jeff was trying to hush them up but I said let them be. HAVE you been in a van with 4 SCREAMING kids? Raspberries are just fine and dandy. Trust me. Today we (meaning Jeff and I) decided that I would stay home with Charlotte while he took the kids. All 3 of the older kids. One of those kids has no soft button. She is on and loud at all times (well, except at school but I think that gives her the chance to save it all up and be even louder when she gets home). I'm thinking that some may not understand my thrill of this short vacation. I"ll have 2 nights by myself (and Charlotte but she doesn't count when 3 others are gone). All I hear is the hummm of my computer. Silence. Blessed silence. Now the countdown begins.


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