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Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm Ready, I'm Ready....

Can you hear me doing my best SpongeBob impression? Ok, maybe not totally ready but ready enough to get the move on the road. Less than a week our belongings will be packed up, loaded on a truck and shipped to Tucson. It is hard to believe I'll be leaving our little house here in Arkansas. Georgia was born in this house. Charlotte was born in this house. My older kids do not remember anything of living or moving in their early years. We need more space (house wise) but I'm sad to see it left behind. I know I'll have all the memories. I know I'll love living in a house with more than 1 bathroom (I am so excited about that aminity!). I know it is the best decision all around but I hate to say good-bye. 7 years worth of memories. The friends that I can't take with me (but they better come to visit if they can!). The Church that has done so much for us. The trees that turn beautiful colors. My job. My family. But I'm ready. I've missed my husband these last 11 weeks. It has been the longest time we have been apart. I'm ready to find out what life has for us in Arizona. Wish us luck!

p.s. sorry for no current blogs. Life with a baby and 4 kids to run around has been so time consuming! Thankfully I'll have a little more time to blog soon.


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