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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Vacation (part 1)....

was wonderful. We couldn't have had a better time. I loved watching the cousins play and interact. They all got along so wonderfully (well, there were some 3 year old moments but when doesn't that happen). My brother and his wife have 3 wonderful boys. Ruben and Kyle are 3 years old. They had a little brother join them recently, Justin is 2 mths old. Before posting pictures I would like to apologize to my brother. I know we kind of introduced things into your household that wasn't happening before... like Ice cream (they had fun though!), and riding the wagon down your backyard hill (they had fun though!), and getting ice cream from the ice cream truck (That was fun too!), and jumping on the blow up bed (Now, Russ, you have to remember us playing on the bed with the cousins too, right?).... we had had so much fun. Thank you Russell and Martha for letting us desend on your home for a week.

Cousins and lovin'......

The introduction of ice cream to Kyle and Ruben. It got messy at the end.

We went to the ocean. One of Jeff's favorite trip memories. Jeff, Andrew and Russell loved it. Catherine liked it in theory until a wave caught her. Georgia kept trying and running. Ruben and Kyle attempted to dip their toes. Charlotte wasn't having anything to do with moving water.


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