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Monday, November 05, 2007


so says my daughter Charlotte. Here is our conversation about Pink (with a capital P) last night when she was in the bathtub.

C: I want a PINK scooter.

M: Do you now...

C: Yes. Cause I love pink.

M: What else do you want that is pink?

C: A house, all pink. Cause I love it.

M: What else?

C: My car. Oh, my stomach and legs, I want those to be pink.

M: That would be silly.

C: But you would love it cause I LOVE pink.

M: I Love you. Who do you love?


M: But WHO do you love?

C: Well, PINK and God. I Love pink and God. I want to take a pink bath. You know why momma?

M: Why Sweetie?


I'm beginning to think she loves pink. What do you think? AND if you scroll down to the Halloween pictures you will see she is a Pink Princess with Pink cowboy boots on. Cause you know, she loves pink!


  • At 11:10 AM , Blogger SierraValleyMom said...

    You can do the pink bath. My son announced that he wanted a green bath a month or so ago. My husband obliged him. I was a little concerned that it my turn my son's VERY blonde hair green, but it didn't. Just add a little bit of food coloring into the water, and presto, the bath of your color choice. She'll love it, at least my son did!

  • At 1:29 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

    So...she thinks she might enjoy the pink is what I am hearing?


  • At 8:22 AM , Blogger Kimmykay said...

    sierravalley, I'll have to try that. I KNOW she would love it. LOL. It seems pink is the theme for Christmas too.


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