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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Swear I Would Laugh If It Wasn't So Sad...

Have you heard about Bill O'Reilly's praise of a restaurant owned by African-Americans? If you haven't just click HERE and read all about it. If you are up to reading the whole transcript of the show and his comments then just click HERE. Either way it just shows that there are still dinosaurs still walking this Earth. Sigh.

P. S. It seems he didn't say anything wrong and it is the media's fault.

P. S. S. Yes, I have heard worse comments from others. I do not think Bill is "the worst" but he voices sentiments that are still floating around out there. He went into a place with the impression that it would somehow be "bad" because of who ran it. That makes me sad. I would lump Bill in the same category as my doctor I had when Andrew was born that told me to "Not worry your little head about stuff like that, let me take care of it" when expressing my wants for a birth with no interventions. He, the same as Bill, seems to think some of us can not "think" without help. It still makes me sad.


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