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Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's Silly I know, But It Makes Me Happy....

To think my old van may see a new family. We donated our old van to a church a couple of weeks ago(yes, it has been sitting in my garage since its untimely death). They picked it up on Friday. The church it goes to accepts around 200 applications a year for people that need cars. They accept cars they can fix up or use for parts and get them running. Then the cars get a new family. A new life. It makes me happy. I'm a sap. I'm also in love with the idea that someone in need will have a tool that can help them get a job, transport their family, enjoy life with a little more ease. So I'm crossing my fingers I'll see that old van around somewhere, sometime.

As much as I "miss" my old van... having a car that has air conditioner that works without you slamming doors and doors that open without breaking a nail in the process and a trunk that will pop without someone jiggling the lock button... it has it's perks.


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