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Thursday, March 02, 2006

He Said, She blankety Blank Blank........

That is supposed to be the title of the wonderful book I'm supposed to write about how we communicate but alas we can't remember what that title was supposed to be. The 'we' here is my husband and me. We were having this brilliant conversation about how men and women communitcate so differently. I've been talking in my classes this past week about Social Interaction and how gender plays in that came up. My illustration about how different we are when wanting the trash taken out. I come into the kitchen and notice the trash bag is full. I tell my husband "The trash sure is full" and my job is done. My husband reacts by thinking "yep, it sure is!" and walking away. Now me in my ignorant bliss thinks I have told my husband to take out the trash. He thinks I was just making a statement and walked away.

So when I finally take out the trash (griping at him all the way) he pipes up and says "Why didn't you ask me to take the trash out!". Um, hello! The trash can was full. Response: Take out the trash! But I didn't TELL him to take it out. I just made a statement that he would agree with or not agree with. I marvel that we haven't killed them all off yet! ~grins~

Another Sociological fact is that is a wife is going to off her man, she will more than likely do it in the kitchen. I told this to my friend Mary and now when she is really mad at her husband she will ask him to "Come into my kitchen, Jim!" You just had to know that one.

My husband loves that we are having #5 (inbetween freaking out that is). When we met he told me he wanted 6 kids. I didn't think he was serious! He has a favorite phrase that he uses when people ask him if he knows how "That" happened. We have been getting that question since child #3 was on the way. So after they ask he responds "I've narrowed it down to 2 things. Water and Sex. I'm not giving up either!" Gotta love that man of mine.

One more interesting fact about us. We will be married for 18 years this June. I find that amazing. I'll have lived with him for as long as I lived with my parents.


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