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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I know, I know... It's Been Awhile...

But the kids are back in school and I have time... well, some. I'll be back into the swing of things next week for sure.

Update from our house... as mentioned, kids are in school. Andrew went into the 8th grade. I was talking to a friend and mentioned that our kids would be in High School next year. My heart stopped. When did that happen?

Catherine is in the 5th grade. She is growing up so fast. I laugh a little when I go up to bed and she is in her room reading her book. It seems Twilight has caught her attention. Thankfully the new book (and last in the series) is released tomorrow. Guess where we will be.

Georgia is in the 2nd grade. I swear the child has shot up 3 inches over the summer. She is so intent in figuring things out. Once she gets it she will NEVER let you forget. She is my new computer guru. She loves her computer games. Poor kid is always begging for a computer spot.

Charlotte started Kindergarten this year. Wow. She is loving her freedom as long as I'm there to watch. That bike could be glued to her bottom and she would be happy. Her new fav thing is to ride like the wind and ramp it up over our sloped curb with a nice POP. Then she looks at me and says "Do I scare your Heart Momma?" Yes, child, you do.

Silvia is 21 months. she is a walking, running, jumping, screaming, laughing, squealing, eating, talking, barking, playing bundle of joy. Boy does she know how to get her sister screaming too. It is never quiet ...

except right now. Silvia is napping. The dog is napping. The older kids are in school. And here I am. sweet, blessed silence. sigh. Time to go wake up Silvia and go pick up kids. My mom says I'll miss all the noise at one point... I'm trying to figure out when that would be.