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Friday, April 20, 2007

Gathering my Thoughts....

Monday was horrific. My mind went into overload thinking about those kids at class. The only thing on their mind was deadlines, staying awake and making it those last few weeks before the semester ended. Those that are graduating are looking forward to a new life. Some were just trying to make it through this one class, get those credits and move on. They didn't know. I heard a news person say about some of the students at the school not having family there to help them. My heart broke. For those kids that ceased to physically exist in that horrific moment, for the kids that had to deal with this mind boggling, you can't make sense of it day, to the parents so far away and waiting to know. My mom always tells me that being a mom doesn't end when we walk out of the house at 18. She still wants to fix things for us, put band-aids on our sorrow, wipe our tears away. But a lot of times she can't. This week I've thought about when I'll be kissing my kids good-bye as they go to start their life without me by their side. My mind is still in overload. My sorrow for these kids overwhelmed me today as they read their names. My heart broke for all the moms out there that had to hear their baby's name.

A Swallow Carrying a Coconut....

Does everyone know who Monty Python is and do you know about his search for the Holy Grail? I didn't. It was one of the many new things my husband introduced me to when we met (along with Chinese foods... ok any food that wasn't steak and potato). I think I can quote more phrases from that movie than any other. Why am I blogging about it now? Because I got him the movie for Christmas (because he loves it so). He and Andrew have sat and watched it. Now my son is having all 3 TV watching aged girls sit and watch said movie. AND he is quoting parts. Next thing you know he will be saying "Dungeon Masters don't have levels, DORK!" (ok, my husband said that when I told him about us watching Monty Python and I thought it was funny so I stole it). We watch way too much TV.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Man....

I can't believe he is 41 (that means I'm a year closer to 40!). Here is to the man that has made me laugh, sigh, giggle, cry (remember the teddy bear!), melt and laugh again. I've known him for over 20 years, been married to him for almost 19 years and hope to keep him around for many more years.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Monday, April 09, 2007

I Hope You Had A Glorious Easter....

We did and have pictures to prove it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

C A N C E R ....

My 3 yo is driving me insane.

My laundry is everywhere.

My kitchen is a mess.

My van is a few steps away from us walking.

My living room had a hurricane pass through.

My Baby won't let me put her down.

My dog is chewing everything in sight.

My friend has a sister dying from CANCER. Makes you stop and think. I hope that one day my kids or grandkids will ask me what Cancer was all about. I will tell them it is having to say goodbye way too early, before you are ready. Before they are ready. It's having a Dad ask you permission to stop fighting. You want to say "No, keep fighting" but you can't because you know he can't. Hug your loved ones tight. You never know when you have to say goodbye. And it sucks.

I love you Dad!
(My Dad in 1950)