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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Welcome To The World Silvia Fiona....

Yes, she is here. She is amazing.

I went in on Wednesday night (October 4th) to get a pre-induction. The dr really tried hard to not do the pit. He is king of pit induction around here since he is the only ob/gyn in town. I will have to give him major high marks for dealing with super crunchy mom here and not rolling his eyes too often. ~grins~ The pre stuff didn't send me into labor like he had hoped so they had to start pit at 7:00am. Jeff had run home to make sure all the kids were off to school and to pick up my meds that I forgot. He left around 7:30ish. By 7:45 the contractions were SO HARSH that I decided to get some meds. The med man was doing something else but would be down in a few minutes.

By 8:00 am I was in constant, not letting up contractions. The nurse had shut off the pit. With each contraction I was dilating majorly. She had called the dr at his home. Called him again and said rush. After that she was pushing his stat button. Jeff walked in. The med man walked in.

It was 8:15 and I started saying She is coming. I'm having to push. The nurses are all rushing in. The dr ran in (had his wader boots, was told he loves those things and has worn the same ones for 20 yrs now). Saw me clutching the side rail of the bed saying "Shes coming, she won't stop". he starts throwing the bed pieces everywhere to break it down. I feel the head and all I know is that once she is out this massive, horrible pain will stop. A nurse kept telling me "no no no no no" and Jeff said "stop saying that, She KNOWS but it is time!" LOL. They pull me down to the end of the bed. Something weird is happening to the bed in the middle of my back. I'm not caring. The have this massive, florescent overhead light right above the bed and it was so annoying I don't think I uncovered my eyes during all this. Who the heck thinks the light is relaxing??? I don't even know what anyone is telling me to do, I'm just pushing. Out came Silvia. Amazing. The pain stops. Everyone is saying how big she is. I laugh and say "That was INCREDIBLE!" (the pain and the birth). Jeff kept saying how amazing I was. I told him I got to retain my crunchy title since the med man didn't make it in time (but I'm telling you I would have kissed him had he made it! LOL).

I kept my eyes covered with one hand, squeezing jeff's other hand. The dr asked if he wanted to cut the cord and jeff said he was ok (later he told me I wasn't letting go of his hand one second, LOL). Whatever was in the middle of my back was starting to annoy the heck out of me but the dr had to put in 3 stitches. Finally I asked what they had done to the bed. The nurses sounded confused and then started laughing. What smart man put buttons on the bed rail, a laboring bed rail, that would inflate some sort of lumbar pillow device and an upper back pillow. It seems that during me clutching of the bedrail during the last massive painful contractions I pushed some buttons. so while I was being moved into position I was inflating the pillow and my head was down, back up and butt down. I was just thinking they were making some interesting labor/delivery bed devices. Only I would have such a thing happen.

The nurses loved her perfectly round head. One told me later that my ob/gyn mentioned that I would probably have a fast labor since I seemed to be built to have babies. I'm assuming that is a good thing. ~grins~ Nice to be talked about... NOT.

Silvia weighed in at 9 lbs 12 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. I swear she did not look like she was that big. So welcome to our chaotic family, Silvia, I'm sure you will find your spot. The other 4 are so excited you are here!

It's been very emotional. Jeff left for Arizona this weekend and he made it through the last 2 days with no diaper changes. If he doesn't think I'll not keep score, he is sadly mistaken. ~grins~