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Saturday, April 18, 2009

One week of Chemo down...

3 more to go. Jeff had Chemo on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then a few days off. He will do another round again this week. He is doing well. very little side effects so far.

Here he is trying to be one of those PJ models in the JC Penney catalogs.

Because he can NOT get sick the younger kids can not go into his hospital room to visit. His bedroom is beside an open court yard so I take the kids up to visit through his window. He calls himself "Boy in the Bubble"

Silvia isn't crying because of Jeff. Catherine had picked her up and she busted her head on the window trying to get to him.

Monday, April 13, 2009

It is Easter....

2009 has been an interesting year so far. Here are a few pictures of the kids and a little Easter fun...

My apologies to the kids for so little pictures. I'm usually a camera hog and have to make myself stop and choose. Our Easter this year was just a little different. On Tuesday of this week, Jeff checked in to the hospital. On his Birthday, Friday, we found out he has Leukemia (ALL). He is starting Chemo today. Here are a few pictures of Jeff with his fighting PJ's on and ready to go...

The last picture is Jeff saying goodbye to his beer belly.

He is READY. We are going to win.