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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Birthday To My Drummer Girl.....

Georgia Marie. Our Georgia Bean. It is hard to believe you are 5. You are so independent and you march to your own drum. I can see the future. You will turn my hair grey faster than the others. That is not a bad thing. I know we frustrate you. You have all these words to say and we have a hard time sorting them out. We are both getting better. You know how things SHOULD go and woe to anyone doing it different. Yet you love to be different. You love to do it your way. If I say lay down, you stand up. If I say jump you will crawl. Don't be afraid. We need more people to step out and do their own thing. I do love that about you. Just remind me I said that when you are 15 doing 15 year old things and not just 5 year old things. You have been letting your voice be heard since you were born. We welcomed you to our family at our house October 20, 2000. With our midwife attending, you came into this world screaming, all 10 pounds 2 oz's. And you didn't stop for a couple of weeks. You were so intense. Your whole body would let us know when you weren't happy. And when you were happy, there was so much joy. Thank you for all the joy and laughter you have brought to our family. Much love and tummy tickles, Mom.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Tooth Fairy Is Going To Be The Death Of Me.....

That dang tooth fairy. I swear there are a lot of times I suck at this parenting thing. I have a long standing problem with remembering and not planning well for this lady. With my son, when he lost his first tooth, we were in awe and showered him with money. Five Bucks to be exact. Poor planning on my part. I have 4 kids. And they keep track. Only the first tooth rated the high bucks after that they dropped. I can't tell you how many times I've called my friend across the street asking if she has some bills laying around cause we didn't and the tooth fairy doesn't wait.

Next is Catherine. She is a wonderful, imaginative child. We had to cough up Five Bucks for her to keep the flow going. Then the next time I forgot to put money under the pillow. She reminds me of this when a tooth time comes around. "Momma, remember the time that I woke up and the tooth fairy didn't have the money under my pillow and then I went to the bathroom and when I came back there was money under my pillow? Remember?? I don't know how I missed seeing her!!" To which my now non-believer son says "Yeah, mom REMEMBER!!!!".... I had to raid his money jar to fulfill that wonderful duty. AND this imaginative child has a book about a child that wrote letters too the tooth fairy and the tooth fairy wrote back. Guess what I get to do now. It is going to be a long term correspondence. How am I supposed to remember money AND a letter.

Now child #3. She will be 5 in a couple of days (expect a letter to her soon, LOL) and lost her first tooth over a week ago. We said "Let's put it under the pillow for the tooth fairy." and her reply was "No. It's MINE! I'm going to keep it". And she did until she pulled tooth #2 out. So last night she decided she was ready to give up her teeth to a fairy but would NOT sleep in her bed while someone comes in and gets it. AND she wants it in quarters. Crap, quarters! I didn't have many quarters. I had a $5 and some ones... You know, keeping the theme going... NOT quarters. So hubby found about $2 and some change in quarters. She was happy and can't stop talking about her quarters. Of course Catherine can count money now (dang the school system!) and has to inform me of the deflated amount Georgia got compared to her. So of course I say "With inflation I bet the Tooth Fairy is just hauling bills around. Quarters are heavy and that is probably all she had". Oh, the lies we tell. Dang Tooth Fairy!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Time.... Where Art Thou?

I thought I would have enough of it when my kids went back to school. What a joke. I think I have less time. My time is stretched thin all day long. The only day we don't REALLY have anything going on is on Friday. So here is my schedule (like you want to know but whatever! LOL)......
  • MONDAY -- Every other one we have cubscouts... 9 boys, sugar food and trying to learn something.... somedays it works and others, nah. Georgia has dance during all that. Which isn't too bad but a friend of mind was in a car wreck and can't drive for a long time so I take her 2 little girls to dance that day also. Every 30 minutes I am running, picking up, dropping off dancers, helping the boys.... it is a hellish day. With at least 2 extra kids hanging out eating my food.
  • TUESDAY -- actually a light day in that Catherine has gymnastics (which she insisted on adding to her already 1.5 hours of dance schedule... that is another day) and Andrew has Taekwondo. Basically done by 7. After school though I usually have between 2-4 extra kids eating my food.
  • WEDNESDAY -- Church. This isn't too bad but I pick up 2 extra kids so their mom can work extra. Our church program doesn't start until 5:15 with a meal, meetings, choir practice, kids program... done by 7:30 pm. Have I mentioned that these extra kids like to eat my food? And these two eat like they have never seen food.
  • THURSDAY -- Dance.... Catherine has taken dance for almost 5 years. She loves it but man, when they get into the upper groups they go longer. She gets dropped off for dance at 4:30 and picked up at 7:30. Andrew has Taekwondo from 6-7 again. No extra kids but no food either! LOL.
  • FRIDAY -- Crap, thought this was a free day but no, I forgot Girl Scouts. Am I a leader? Yes I am. We meet right after school for Catherine's group. This time it is only 5 girls with sugar and trying to learn something. LOL.
  • SATURDAY -- 10-12 Andrew has Taekwondo practice for the show team. sigh.
  • SUNDAY -- Church. With kids asking to come home with us after church cause I have to go and pick up 5 extra kids and take them to church.

In between all this I get to teach 3 classes, clean house, do laundry, prepare for my sunday school class, make sure homework is done, plan scouting meetings, try to find money to buy food to feed all people.... I need more time. More time to sleep. More time to read. More time to blog. More time to post on my boards. More time to hang with friends. More time to hang with my kids. Ah, TIME. Where Art Thou???

Have I told you how much I am thankful for caffine?