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Friday, June 30, 2006

Yesterday She Was Three....

I tree! I tree! What a wonderful number. Being 3. Kids have become this wonderful little person by age 3. The walk, talk, tell you NO!, give you kisses and cheek pats, play, run, laugh, cry, look for bandaids when I get a boo-b00, read a book upside down and so much more. I find it amazing what 3 short years can do for that little blob of human mass that entered this world with nothing but a cry to say "Love Me!". She is child #4. I know my brain will forget some of the things she does but my heart will always remember. So for her birthday, what did we do? We went to the Dr. For a double ear infection and a 102 temp. She still told them all "I tree!". Thankfully at 3 being able to share a Dora cake with a friend that is also sick, opening gifts from a friend that is a country away, and just licking the icing off the cake (cause the "cake is yucky. I like cream!" is as wonderful at turning 3.


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